Karnataka Government Covid Relief Package

for people of Karnataka

Duty of Government to take care of People during need

Karnataka Government Economic stimulus package for affected due to Covid Lockdown.

The government of Karnataka announced a Rs 1,610-crore financial package to give relief to those in distress during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

The Government of Karnataka’s Economic stimulus package is to kick-start economic activity in the state and to compensate for the loss of livelihoods for those affected by Covid lockdown.

The package will benefit Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Farmers, Handloom Weavers, Flower-Growers, Washer men, Barbers and Taxi and Auto Drivers, among others.

Covid Relief Packages


Auto Rickshaw & Taxi Drivers

Rs. 5000/- as a one time measure….


Building / Construction Workers

15.80 Lakh registered building workers in the state…


Washer men / Dhobis

60,000 Washer men / Dhobis would be given one-time compensation …



Waiver of Electricity Charges…



A package of 109 Crores towards loan waiver …



2,30,000 barbers will be given Rs. 5000/-…

The above compensation would help those who are in distress due to lockdown said B.S. Yediurappa. He also said migrants workers have been asked to not to move to other states as construction work has resumed.